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Find the most advanced reverse osmosis under counter systems, whole house 3 filter systems, private labelled filtered water systems & ice maker connections in Barbados. We are committed to quality & service and dedicated to serving you with the purest form of filtered water.


Bajan Pure Filtered Water

Bajan Pure
Filtered Water

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About Us

NPURE Water Filtration Inc is not only trusted but proven in the premium bottled water and water filtration industry.

Bajan Pure Purified Water has the lowest total dissolved solids of any purified bottled water due to state-of-the-art ultrafiltration methods and strict in-process quality control. We see your well-being and happiness as importantly our own!

With our under-counter filter systems, NPURE Water Filtration respects each clients’ individual needs by offering customised affordable water filtration installations right in their home. The convenience of having purified water on tap right in your home is hard to beat. A full-service installations and maintenance team is at the disposal of the client year round.

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Our Service

Bajan Pure Filtered Bottled Water :

Stop drinking substandard water. Switch to Bajan Pure Premium Purified Bottled Water. Let the Pinnacle Of Pure speak for itself – you’ll know it when you taste it! Truth is, Bajan Pure Premium Purified Bottled Water has no taste and that’s the way water should be. This is due to the modern ultrafiltration methods and strict in-process quality control at our bottling facility, yes, Bajan Pure Premium Purified water is bottled right here in Barbados unlike other bottled water brands which sit in hot shipping containers for weeks in transit or are by-products of other manufacturing processes.


NPURE Water Filtration Devices :

Our NPURE water filtration systems and devices offer contaminant-free, refreshing, crisp tasting water. Our filtration systems are available with ultraviolet and alkaline options and engineered for long-lasting, dependable operation. Choose from our Whole House Systems or the mighty RO 50 under-counter systems. Customized filtration systems to suit your special requirements are also available with consultation.

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Drink the purest filtered water for your health & happiness. Need a water system installation done?

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