Crystal Clear Water, You’ll Only Know When You Taste It!

Health and happiness are the keys to a long sustainable lifestyle. We, at NPURE Water Filtration Inc., are dedicated to serving you with the purest form of filtered water for consumption, which exudes the highest level of quality drinking water.

Bajan Pure Filtered Bottled Water

Our Bajan Pure filtered bottled water comes from sparkling springs. Bajan Pure filtered water is better regulated, better protected and safer than ordinary bottled water. Enjoy healthy hydration on the go with our bottled water.

NPURE Water Filtration Devices

Select water purifiers with an all-encompassing filtering process so that your health is never comprised at any level. Our complete 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system produces 50 gallons of purified drinking water per day.

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water filter

Under Counter Water Filters

Our water filters with unique space efficient design are suitable for installation under counters at homes and workplaces.

whole house water filter

Whole House Water Filters

Get ready to enjoy chlorine-free, cleaner & fresher water at every faucet in your home or office.

Ice Maker

Water Dispensers

Hire us as your water treatment specialist to hook up your ice maker with your filtration system.

Healthy and adequate water for drinking is just one call away

whole house water filter
Roes-50 – Essence 5-Stage 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Hight Quality, Pure Drinking Water System.
Refreshing, Crisp Taste Superior To Bottled Water.
Removes Wide Range of Tap Water Contaminants.
Engineered For Long-Lasting Dependable Operation.
50 Gallons/Day – Complete 5 Stage System.
Friendly Lifetime Customer And Tech Support.

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Roes-50 System Overview
Healthy, Great Tasting, Ultra-Pure Drinking Water

Right from your kitchen tapl This complete reverse osmosis water filter will produce a unlimited supply of bottled-quality drinking water while removing any chlorine, unpleasant tastes, odors and up to 99% of harmful contaminants to produce clean and refreshing water that everyone will enjoy. This will improve the flavor of coffee, tea, and ice cubes –

everything tastes better with RO water!

Highest Quality & Competitive Performance Guaranteed

ROES-SO offers the reassurance of premium quality components and contaminant rejection that is more efficient. Enjoy worry-free comfort knowing your health will never be compromised with our ROES-50 system. Guaranteed to remove the following:

• Arsenic
• Copper
• Barium
• Codmium
• Chromium (Hex)
• Chromium (Tri)
• Fluoride
• Lead
• Radium 226/228
• Selenium

Large Capacity Block Filters for Longer Filter Life

Every ROES-50 is equipped with industry standard-sized solid block filters that offer longer filter life and a higher contaminant rejection rate when compared to other types of filters on the market.

About water filter system
Stringent Quality Control Process = Peace of Mind

All systems are put through a rigorous multi-point quality control process to eliminate even the slightest component imperfections. This system will provide you with the ultimate satisfaction and peace of mind with a reliable operation that is free from noises, leaks, and clogs.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

ROES-50 is made with simple installation and maintenance in mind. It is equipped with quick connection fittings and colored tubing, which make system installation and maintenance extremely fast and easy.

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Fully automated system will effectively treat tap. well, and hard water at variable water pressures with extreme pH and hardness levels.

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System uses industry standard parts and components. which makes finding and replacing any part or filters on the unit simple and cost-effective.

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Easy to install and low maintenance: save homeowners time and hassle from buying costly. heavy bottled water

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Fully scalable and upgradeable making it a great investment for a growing family

NPURE Water Filtration
Sample Reverse Osmosis Schematic
Unfiltered Cold Tap Water

1. High-Capacity Polypropylene Sediment Filter.

2. Extruded Activated Carbon Block Filter.

3. Extruded Activated Carbon Block Filter.

4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane.

Brine Water.

Filtered Water – Water stored in pressurized tank.

5. Coconut – Shell Refining Carbon Filter.

Product Water.

NPURE Water Filtration
Specifications and Dimensions

System Capacity 50 gallons per day @ 60 psi, 30 gallons/day @50 psi and 77 deg F

Tank Capacity 4 gallons

Feed Water pH 2 0 -11.0

Feed Water Pressure 40-85 psi

Feed Water Temperature 40-100 deg F

Max Total Dissolved Solids Solids 2000 ppm

System Dimensions 16″w x 5.25″d x 17.5″h

Tank Dimensions il” x 11″ x 15″

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